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Belle Joie Family Education Center helps families with children ages 0-5 with and without special needs who desire to learn about  effective child development practices while finding the voice to advocate for their children.  We do this by providing affordable and quality opportunities for parent education.

Early Childhood

I have worked in the Early Childhood education field for 12 years. 

Having mentors in my life was beneficial to me, my goal is to extend that same benefit to new teachers.

Special Education

With years of experience in education and a Masters in the focus of special needs, I strive to support parents who are going through the very confusing and sometimes scary special education process with their child.

Learning at home

I am the mother of a toddler and before I was a mother I was a godmother.  I now have 18 god children. 

Through the years I have learned how to create a free, fun and interactive learning environment right from my home.

I want to help parents do the same!

Social& Emotional Connections

Helping students enhance their social skills can be tough when you aren't sure where to start.

Building appropriate emotional connections with children can be just as challenging.

My workshops are geared toward parents, teachers and youth workers who are looking to establish positive and effective relationships with youth.


"Thank you for helping me and my child! Without your help I don't know where we would be right now! You are an absolute gem.

Keep up the amazing work you are doing!!!"

LaNette P. Mother of three children (Ages 5, 10 and 13)

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