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The Day My Teacher Ate A Pumpkin Seed

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"The Day My Teacher Ate A Pumpkin Seed," is a powerful and creative way to help kindergarten students understand what happens when their teacher is going to have a baby. For many kindergarten age children, their teacher, in many ways, can be like a second mom and big changes can leave them feeling uncertain and afraid. Stephanie wrote this book when she was four months pregnant in hopes of using this story as a tool to help her kindergarten students to transition into the idea that their teacher was having a baby, and that there would be many upcoming changes. Stephanie found this book allowed the students to be a part of her pregnancy down to the very end. She was able to use this book to create a special moment with time set aside to talk about what they can expect and how they were feeling. When students can see the physical changes that come with pregnancy, their excitement and anticipation grow as if it was their baby brother or sister. This book allows you to talk to the students about how things with their teacher would change. Not just when they go on maternity leave, but also as they started to get bigger and less mobile around the classroom. It will prompt discussions on how their chair would change to an exercise ball, how they would be unable to tie shoes, and how they needed need to be approached with gentle hugs, even when the children are very excited. This book will allow the children to ask questions and connect their teacher's pregnancy with other pregnancies that are special to them. 

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