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Educating and supporting children & families by providing affordable child development experiences and creating opportunities for parent & caregiver education.

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My Story

As a public school teacher and community organizer I have learned the importance of empowering adults in the community to step up as role models and educators for the children who look up to us.  I have also found the beauty in community members being a light to those who are feeling lost on their journey.  Emotional & mental wellbeing at every stage of life is important to me.  After the stillbirth of my son Simeon, I learned that positive healing after trauma was rare and the process that I used needed to be shared with others.  When adults heal, our children take notice.  When adults are hurting, children are affected.

My Vision is that I will help parents and educators cultivate their leadership skills by understanding the importance of personal connection and self empowerment.

My mission is to use my desire to help and my compassion and empathy for others, to create a welcoming space to process and grow ones personal strength.

I strive to connect like minded individuals as a means to create space to learn and uncover our true potential as caregivers.

My goal is to construct an atmosphere that normalizes addressing missteps, setbacks and flaws to find ways to overcome and move forward.

"It's not you, It's US!"



Through her non profit, Propa City Community Outreach, Stephanie has given me the platform to tell my baby’s story.  During our meetings I learned more about resilience and feel so blessed.

C. Privott


Stephanie was Heaven sent to us in 2020. We lost our son and she has provided services to myself and family for most of 2020.

She is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and such a loving energy. I highly recommend her to anyone having a baby, needing grief support or just to be part of an amazing community.

- J. Arnold

I have know Stephanie Crawford for over 15 years. She is an amazing educator and community activitist who uses her wisdom to intentionally impact all around her. She is a woman who has prepared for her greatness by learning when to be agile and when to stand firm in her convictions. She is a flexible leader who brings special gifts to all.

- N. Lugira


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